Logo, posters and business cards for London based band Viscula



Role: Art-Director, Analyst, WordPress Developer

Duration: Since February 2018

Description: Ukrainian media about life, cities, and technologies with >300k monthly visits. As an art director I'm in charge of design and layout, but also, I improve visual part of articles as editor. As devoloper, I do WordPress and front-end tasks.

Showcase: whole website, mediakit, design pieces, illustrations, editorial standards

Creation of interfaces and service design for the huge board of machinery ADS in Slovakia.

Role: Product Designer

When: From February to July in 2018

Showcase: prototype in Axure, preview in Invision, design documentation for developers

Conception of a web app for operators

Role: Product Designer

Duration: From May to October in 2018

Customer: Pharmakey, Russian company that provides sales analytics for leaders of the local pharmaceutical industry.

Task: I had to improve web app, that was used by numerous operators to process hundreds of reports every day.

Result: Design conception was created on the ground of hours of observations and research of company work process. Every part of this process was reviewed and got rid of needless steps when the really necessary steps were simplified.

Art-Director: Eugene Arutyunov

Showcase: some screens

Launched an instagram account as a gallery of small graphics and common interface pieces

visit account

Made logo and identity for LimeJet, local taxi company in Uzhhorod


Made cool design conception for lora.bot


Betster's a social network for sports predictors

prototype, design concept


Launched DesignVokzal, a telegram channel about IRL design, urbanistic design and common architecture

visit channel

iLead is a tool for marketing and lead generation. In this project I designed an app and promo website

some screens, visit website

During 2016-18 I worked for ThinkMobiles (outsource/products), besides design and regular ab-testing I had to make analytics research and manage the work of product team.

Biggest part of my work was to find better solutions for the corporative web-page, that worked as leed-magnet. Now page still changing and growing up by KPIs.

some screens

testimonials from CEO and manager

Designed Vike-chat for support and sales

some screens

Redesign of QA-engeneers tool EasyQA

prototype, design conception

Album cover for Argos' «Privokzalny Sludge '89»

listen on SoundCloud

Poster for Bubba High Tower's last concert



In 2016 I worked for Secl Group Ukraine (outsource, around 8 month). As an UX Designer I used to make research and dynamic prototypes.

Prototypes: mobile app, ecommerce, vr videos, admin panel, payment app

Prototype of new Ukrainian payment system, made jointly with Sergey Stepanov


Conception of the medicine mobile app

showcase on Behance

Research and prototype for the biggest optic network in Ukraine

prototype, showcase on Behance, live website

My first graphic CV


After the success of the Sticker Store, I launched my second store, ОГМА. It was completely written by me on poorly PHP, however, became quite popular in Ukraine.

interface, how it was

My last graphic CV



During Summer 2014 as a high school student, I opened an online sticker store which was based on WooCommerce. Using SEO & SMM in six months became field-leader in state ranking. Got up to 9,2% conversion rate through improved UX and A-B tests.

showcase from Behance, how it was

First version of my personal website

showcase from Behance

Conception of the website for company, where I worked as videomaker

showcase from Behance

2011 — 2014

My first landing page, for the store of Android TV Boxes, 2014–15

showcase from Behance

In those years I spent most of time drawing simple graphic for web and polygraphic,
launched and improved tens of web-sites as freelance web-master.

Please, send «ELIHPORCENMAI» on 1337 to get access for earlier projects