Simple and distinct design

of interaction, interfaces and graphic.

… і якщо це мені вдається рідко, то не тому, що я не хочу,
а тому, що мало вмію і мало знаю.

Analysis, prototype, sketch, code and tests.
Then again.

Work as an art director at Tokar, as designer and developer
on some remote projects.

Previously, at the SECL and ThinkMobiles.

Has done projects for Intuition, WebScayper, LimeJet and others.

I study systematically and from the everyone who get on the way.

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I speak English, German, Russian, distinctly, slowly and Ukrainian.

Write in JS(Vue.JS, jQuery), HTML and CSS, little bit in PHP.

Write for the channel, draw for instagram.

Have the CV in linkedin and as a pdf.

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[email protected]